The many original events Ana has helped to create are part of her story, enhancing events 
and entrancing partygoers. For instance, where does one go to hire camera-ready staff, 
with young, chiseled and sexy bodies, dressed (or not) depending on the theme, to make 
for the most sensual happenings? BB, of course! They have been an important asset to 
events with Bacardi, MTV events, Gucci, Taschen Books, M.A.C cosmetics, Tom Ford, 
Godiva Chocolates, LVMH, Pernod Ricard USA events.

BB gives back with annual contribution of event staff: Project Angel Food,
Doctors Without Borders, Engineer?s Without Borders, MDA.

"We are a beauty brand,” said M.A.C's Seth Dolan,
BB gives us gorgeous model guys who we can costume and who are also very talented at serving!” 
I would hire them for every event, no kidding, they are all beautiful, and willing to do whatever it takes
to get the job done
,” one client praised. “If you see them, say hi!” “The staff were body painted, nude from
the waist up, dressed in silk embellished Moroccan bottoms, and as buff as only God and the gym can
make them
,” Liz Smith splashed in her column about Baroness Monica Von Neumann's birthday party.
They are the hit of Hollywood!” 

Meanwhile, Ana has taken a bite out of New York, San Diego, OC and Miami, with her 
headquarters held in Los Angeles. She holds all talent in her agency in high-esteem and protects 
them like a lioness. Recently, Ana was approached to create a reality show about the day and
night lives of her “Beautiful Bartenders”. That is even sexier than just seeing them shirtless behind
the bar, pouring drinks!

Next on her list Ana is partnering with her NYC Rep Shane Duffy,
a sexy new company “HOTTandHandy”.

So here is a toast to health and sanity, salute!

Ana Gallegos

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